Female Site Manager show’s there’s no barriers to working in utilities

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A Photoshoot with Vicki Lloyd – Female Site Manager

As part of our ongoing work with Balfour Beatty, working on the £1.2billion Gas Distribution Strategic Partnership (National Grid contract) we were commissioned to shoot images of one of the gas industries brightest young prospects, Site Manager Vicki Lloyd. Vicki is one of a small number of female site managers working in utilities. For Balfour Beatty, a  blue chip company who takes diversity in the workplace very seriously, the photography is intended to inspire a large number females to work within this industry. We’ll be working with Balfour Beatty and women like Vicki as we spread the word about the gas industry and how young people can get involved in engineering.

Read Vicki’s inspirational story

Vicki’s career path and inspirational story

About Vicki Lloyd – Female Site Manager

One of our female site managers is showing the industry that there are no barriers to working in utilities as she comes back to work following the birth of her daughter. Vicki Lloyd, 39, has been working in the industry for 18 years, with the last 15 working directly on the gas with the Alliance and now the GDSP.

It’s a job she loves and she’s keen to keep progressing up the ladder as she flies the flag for women in engineering in the North West. Liverpool lass Vicki said: “I came over to Balfour Beatty the same time as my construction manager Bill Adamson in 2008 and I’ve been working with him ever since. “He’s not a bad boss to work for and the business has been great with me as I came back to work full-time following the birth of my daughter, Harper.”

Vicki is a mum like no other, such as the rarity of women in the utility sector and although she’d happily be looking after her lad 24/7, she’s dedicated to her role on site with the lads out on site, managing three teams in the North West. She said: “I love being a mum but I also love it out here managing the site and mucking in with the lads.” Wouldn’t she prefer a job inside the offices of Worsley? Not a chance, she’s been there and done it. She added: “I worked my way up from a temporary receptionist 18 years ago and soon realised that my real calling was out on site so I got trained up. Simple as that!

“I’ve worked my way up from an office worker to a site manager and I’ve got aspirations of higher management too and why not!” And what about women in Wolves and Worsley thinking about making the switch? “Just do it, you’ll enjoy it,” Vicki says.

Photo Slideshow – See Vicki in Action

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