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Shooting corporate photography outdoors is one of the most challenging aspects of photography. The challenge is managing all the variables, light, weather, people with limited experience in front of camera, and getting them all to work together to create great images. Fortunately years and years of experience shooting adverting campaigns and many award winning landscape and travel shoots, means we are in a great position to rise to the challenge. Page down to see photography and read about how we did it

How we Shoot Corporate Photography outdoors

Shooting outdoors light and backdrop considerations

Property consultancy Bruton Knowles wanted their team photographing outdoors amongst architecture. After searching the internet and reading google reviews they decided to trust Neilson Reeves Photography with this project. After a few false starts due to weather and team member availability we settled on a day and headed over to Castlefield Manchester to catch the morning light. With outdoor photography the angle of the sun, even on a cloudy day can make or break a photograph, so capturing the morning or late afternoon light will always return the best results. The day of the shoot we always arrive earlier than the clients to scout the location and look for possible backdrops to the photography. It is not always possible to shoot a background the client wants because the background may not be in the best light at that time of day. The guys at Bruton Knowles originally wanted the Hilton in the background but at 10am in the morning the light is behind the Hilton which, I knew once I took a shot, would be reduced to a hazy silhouette in the background.

Managing the Light and the People

As I mentioned earlier I knew through experience the clients chosen backdrop of the Hilton Hotel would be a hazy silhouette but, rather than simply explain this, I took a few shots to show them the results and we all agreed we needed a different background. Fortunately the location scout uncovered an old foot bridge with railway viaduct that the guys liked, so I set about controlling the ambient light and adding studio lighting in such a way it looked like the natural light at the scene. With light and background variables managed the next task is to organise the people into a pleasing composition. This part of the process is not as simple as it looks and requires teamwork and enthusiastic cooperation from the people being photographed, which we got in spades from the guys at Bruton Knowles. To further help with this process we always shoot groups shots with the camera tethered directly to a laptop so as soon as picture is taken the whole team can see how they are doing and how their face, arms and body position all effect the composition. This way of shooting really helps the team being photographed to understand how each person can make or break a group photograph and totally involves them in the creative process of creating a picture they can be proud of.

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