5 Reasons you should think of your social media profile picture as your personal brand logo

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Does my Social media usage require me to think in this way

Social media is a market place where people buy into each other

Lots of us use social media sites as more than just a fun way to keep in touch with our friends and family. Each year more and more of us use it to network in business, make new profitable connections, find a new job or even a love interest. Equally lots of people use social media to look at us, recruitment companies headhunting for a well-paid job opportunity, a potential employer who’s just interviewed you for a new job and is looking to find out more about you, old friends or lovers wanting to reconnect or see how you are doing. You could say it’s like a big market place where people are buying into people.

How to improve your chances of success in this human market

To succeed in any market place you need a distinct and recognisable logo. We’ve devised 5 good reasons to treat your social media profile picture as if it was a logo for your own personal brand. We’re not suggesting you swap your profile picture for a graphic or logo, it’s a state of mind we are trying to cultivate, a way of thinking that would help you make better connections and create a social media presence that doesn’t confuse the world into thinking you are:

          • A Dog or Family Pet
          • A Political activist or public figure
          • A weird android or avatar,Benjamin Button type person that never ages and even gets younger
          • A person so mixed up they think they are still at their wedding 20 years ago

The 5 Reasons

Reason 1 – Designing your personal brand logo

Treating your social media profile picture as your personal brand  logo immediately ensures that  you think carefully about design and consider who’ll be the best to utilise it for you. If you needed an actual graphic logo you would go to a professional graphic designer to help realise your vision, but as this is photograph we are talking about, who is going to shoot the picture, yourself, a friend or a professional? This is up to you but here is some key information that may help you decide:

On Linkedin users with a professional headshot are 14 times more likely to be viewed

Reason 2 – Colours used in your personal brand logo

Once you’ve chosen a logo designer or in this analogy someone who is going to take your social media profile picture, you’d  need to think about the colours that feature in the design. What colours should you wear? And what colour should appear as a background ? Should these be the colours of your business if that business is your own or the company you work for? Or should they be designed to contrast and stand out next to your posts or comments on social media newsfeed’s? Think about how small your profile picture is when displayed in these newsfeed’s, it’s hard to see your face so colour could help you stand out and people would become familiar with those colours in the same way we do with logo’s. The black and red and orange and black profile pictures displayed here both stand out on social media newsfeed next to your post or comment.

Reason 3 – Brand values and personality

Here again it helps to treat your social media profile picture as your personal brand logo. In the real world of business, brands have personality and values just like humans and if they stand out people will be attracted to them. You definitely have personality and values as do the people you want to connect with. Who are the people you want to connect with? What are their values, beliefs and personalities?. Are they light hearted and laid back, funny, funky, stylish, serious, formal, academic or a combination of these values?. Where and how do you fit into their world and what expectation they have of you?

Did you know that it only takes one-tenth of a second for someone to draw conclusions about you based on your photo ?

Reason 4 Consistency

With so many different social media platforms, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin etc. it’s important that you are consistent across them all by using the same profile photo on each one. Again treating your social media profile picture as your personal brand logo would ensure you deploy the same picture across all social channels. In the same way a business would ensure they have the same logo across all media so they don’t confuse people and lose business.

Reason 5 Recognition

You may have a really large following on one social media channel because you’ve worked hard to share great content, like and comment positively about others. Using the same profile picture across all social media channels makes sure you’re easily recognised and credited for these positive contributions. If you want your picture to stand out when it is really small beside a comment or post consider using a strong contrasting colour scheme. Eventually people will associate you with the colours even if they can’t really see your expression.

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